Jan 17

Why Airplanes Crash?


In addition to understanding the forces that affect flight, it is helpful to know some of the properties good airplanes share.Most important is the property we call STABILITY, which helps an airplane return to steady flight after a bad throw … Continue reading

Jan 14

Origami Cat by Gilad Aharoni

Origami Cat by Gilad Aharoni Designer: Gilad Aharoni Folder and Photo: Origami-Kids Level: Intermediate. Folded from a square of origami paper black and white How to fold: Download the diagram and follow along with the video! This video gives step-by-step … Continue reading

Jan 13

Origami Tooth by Mar Kirschenbaum

Origami Tooth Designer: Mar Kirschenbaum Folder and Photo: @Origamikids Complexity: Intermediate. Time to fold 30 min. Folded from a one Square Printer White paper How to fold: Video Tutorial by Leyla Torres Tutorial Originally posted 2015-03-26 01:27:15. Republished by Blog … Continue reading

Jan 12

Origami Cat by Katsuta Kyohei


Origami Cat by Katsuta Kyohei Designer: Katsuta Kyohei Folder and Photo: Origa MiKids Difficulty Level: Very Hard. 122 steps, two working days! From one uncut square of classic Black and White origami paper, about 35 x 35 cm. Diagram: Origami … Continue reading

Jan 10

Paper Airplanes Fast Facts

pape AIrplanes

Paper airplanes have fascinated children and adults alike around the globe for generations. A simple toy to some, an aeronautics research tool to others, paper airplanes can be folded into a variety of designs, from basic darts and gliders to … Continue reading