Origami Cat by Jeong Ki Dam

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Origami Cat by Jeong Ki Dam
Designer: Jeong Ki Dam
Folder and Photo: @OrigamiKids
Folded from two uncut square of classic Black origami paper and white paper, about 30cm x 30 cm
How to fold at the end of the page: Diagram CP at the end
Difficulty level: Intermediate. Time to fold 30 min. Folded from CP 1 squares of origami black paper, about 30 cm x 30 cm.

gato Jeong ki dam 150 I’m not a master folding from CP myself, I simply printed the CP onto a A3 size paper and folded along the lines. Red and blue lines, differentiate the valley and mountain folds.The challenge is how these fold collapsed onto each others. It took me a few trial before I finally got it right.
How to fold:
1) Print the CP on a sheet of white paper, cut out the extra parts to get a square sheet.
2) Them, you have to fold all the lines correctly. That is called “pre-creasing”. Red Lines “Mountain Folds”, Blue Lines “Valley Folds”
3) Flatten all creases. This is called “collapsing”.

This is the Diagram CP:

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