Easy Cat Bookmark by Origami-kids

Simple Catt Bookmark

Designer, Folder and Photo: @OrigamiKids
Complexity: Easy. Time to fold 10 min. Folded from one classic Uncut square origami black and white paper about 20 cm x 20 cm.
This origami bookmark is my own design, based on one head cat of www.nekohon.jp, It’s made with a single piece of paper, no glue, and no cuts. The bookmark in this Origami tutorial is made using a single square sheet of origami paper. I like to use paper that is roughly 20 cm x 20 cm, but you can experiment with different sizes to see what you like best.
This origami cat bookmark would make a fine gift when made from beautiful paper. It is best made using origami paper with different colors on each side, such as white and black. The different colors allow the Cat Head to stand out from the base of the bookmark.
This origami cat bookmark is pretty easy to fold. There’s just a couple of squash like folds that’s required, but the rest is fairly simple.

How to fold? Photo Diagram by Origami-kids

Easy Cat Bookmark by Origami-kids

Time for make the Easy Cat BookMark: 10 minutes.
Time for make the Photo Diagram: 2 DAYS!!!!

Head desing: www.nekohon.jp

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