Feb 08

Animal Origami Lamps


The animal origami lamp is part Origami Hunter collection by the Si Studio. These beautiful lamps are made of heat resistant industrial polyester paper, which may appear fragile but in actuality is durable and completely heat safe. Each sheet has … Continue reading

Jan 10

Paper Airplanes Fast Facts

pape AIrplanes

Paper airplanes have fascinated children and adults alike around the globe for generations. A simple toy to some, an aeronautics research tool to others, paper airplanes can be folded into a variety of designs, from basic darts and gliders to … Continue reading

Dec 17

Origami Toilet Paper


The Origami toilet paper may be useful to build a creative one in your family. Having this toilet paper in the bathroom will definitely exercise their brain power and squeeze their brain juice out. The Origami toilet paper presents you … Continue reading