Mar 05

Entre pliegues por Vanessa Gould

Entre pliegues, Betwen the Folds, pero en Español. “Entre pliegues”, el premiado documental de Green Fuse Films, reciente ganador del premio Peabody, narra las historias de diez talentosos artistas, matemáticos teóricos y científicos de renombre que decidieron abandonar sus carreras … Continue reading

Feb 13

Animal Origami Lamps


The animal origami lamp is part Origami Hunter collection by the Si Studio. These beautiful lamps are made of heat resistant industrial polyester paper, which may appear fragile but in actuality is durable and completely heat safe. Each sheet has … Continue reading

Jan 27

Sculptures of Paper

Is not Origami but are made with paper and are excellent Fantastic and creative sculptures made of paper. So real and with lot of details. Enjoy. Originally posted 2012-07-14 15:20:56. Republished by Blog Post PromoterRelated Post Tridimensional Origami Phone Between … Continue reading