Largest Origami Crane – Guinness World Record

Largest Origami Crane

The biggest Crane – Guinness World Record

The the biggest paper crane has a wingspan of 81.94 m (268 ft 9 in) and was created by 800 people of the Peace Piece Project (all Japan) at the Hiroshima Shudo University, Hiroshima, Japan, on 29 August 2009.
The claimants first created a piece of paper measuring 100 m x 100 m (328 ft x 328 ft) out of smaller paper pieces. These pieces were attached to one another with tape. The wingspan was measured by a surveyor using triangulation.
Here is a video of how was built the Origami Crane
(source: Guinness World Record Web Page)

Previous Records:
Wingspan of 78.19 m (256 ft 6 in), folded at the Odate Jukai Dome in Odate, Maebashi, Japan on 20-21 January 2001
Wingspan 65.73 m [215 ft 8 in], 36.5 m [120 ft] tall folded by members of the World Peace Project for Children at the Seattle Kingdome Stadium on November 10, 1999.
Wingspan over 63 m [69 yd],at the Odate Jukai Dome in Odate, Maebashi, Japan on 30 October 1995, folded from a square of 33 m x 33 m DETAILS

The more large crane folded from a single sheet of paper had a wingspan of 7.1 meters. It was folded by students in Jim Mockford’s Japanese class at Camas High School (USA) from a piece of paper that was about 2 sq meters [23 sq ft] The crane was sent to Camas’ sister school – Seirei Gakuen High School in Hamamatsu, Japan

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