Old Guinness Records (1998): Longest Time Flying a Paper Aircraft

paper-plane-throw[1]The video is for the Record Guinness for Longest Time Flying a Paper Aircraft Launched Indoors from the Ground. The video is a recording of the previous world record. The plane flew 27.6 seconds, and was thrown by Ken Blackburn at the Georgia Dome on October 8th, 1998.

Without a doubt, this is great paper airplane! It previously held the Guinness World Record for longest flight (time aloft) for a paper airplane, by record-setter Ken Blackburn in 1998 (27.6 seconds). But like all records, they eventually get broken. Takuo Toda’s paper airplane design, called the Sky King, out-performed Blackburn’s, setting a new record at 27.9 seconds in 2009.

How Ken Blackburn set the Record
 Developed the World Record airplane at 13
 Set record in 1983 – 16.89 seconds
 Reset record in 1987 – 17.2 seconds
 Reset record in 1994 – 18.80 seconds
 British set record in 1996 – 20.9 seconds
 Regained record in 1998 – 27.6 seconds

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