Origami Vespertilio by Ioana Stoian

Origami Vesperilio by Ioana Stoian
Origami Vespertilio by Ioana Stoian

Halloween origami is one way parents can save money and have quality time with their kids. Instead of buying decorations, you can make your own! Halloween is almost here, so why not fold very easy to do Origami Vespertilio to decorate your home?.
Designer: Ioana Stoian
Folder and Photo: @Origami_Kids
Difficulty level: Very easy Time to fold 20 min. Using a 2 x 1 rectangle, simple radial pleats, and 3 cuts, this model come to life and takes fly. A thicker paper such as 110gsm Elephant Hide is suggested, as it has structural qualities that perform well with three-dimensional models like this one.
How to fold at the end of the page

How to fold Here!
1) Print the CP on a sheet of white paper and cut out the extra parts.
2) Them, you have to fold all the lines correctly. That is called “pre-creasing”. Red Lines “Mountain Folds”, Blue Lines “Valley Folds”.
3) You must make 3 cuts on the black lines.
4) Flatten all creases. This is called “collapsing”. Use the this photo Sequence of photos for help!


Vesperilio CP

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