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The Origami Magic Ball

We have tried to fold the magic ball with the regular method but it’s definitely harder and takes an absurd amount of time. That’s why I decided to look for a video that explains how to build the collapse/ crumpling bit and also using a much faster precreasing method. Therefore, instead of investing 6 hours doing those tiny creases one by one, you can use this video to learn the quick method and in “only” 2 hours you’ll be ready to rock and roll.
How do you make a origami magic ball?
First you need to have a rectangle with 1 by2 ratio then you need to divide the paper going across into 32 and legth wise going 16 once you have done that you need to crease each one of the squares diagnaly twice once your finished you need to turn each of the squares into a water bomb base you will evrntually end up with a flexible piec of paper you tape the edges and then it should look like a ball
In youtube there are tone of magic balls tutorial- This is one of the best:

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