Origami Heartwings by Nguyen Hung Cuong

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Heartwings Origami by Nguyen Hung Cuong

HEART WINGS by Nguyen Hung Cuong. This is another fantastic model of Nguyen Hung Cuong, and I personally think this one is the best among so many heart models.

Designer: Nguyen Hung Cuong
Photo: @Origami_Kids
Complexity: Intermediate. Time to fold 15 min. Folded from a classic Single Uncut square origami white and red paper, about 25 cm x 25 cm.

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How to fold:
Google has a lot of information. Through a Google search I found this address:
How to fold Here! Diagram
If you decide to use it, you will leave origami-kids.com to another site, and what you do next is on your own responsibility.

I find this video in Youtube whwn show to fold, ONLY the Step 9

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