Between the Folds by Vanessa Gould (Full Documentary)

Between The Folds

Between the Folds, a short 56 minute 2008 documentary introduces us to several modern origami artists. That’s right, people who have mastered the art of folding paper. If you are thinking a documentary about making paper cranes. . .let me assure you there is a lot more than you’d ever suspect for you to discover. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you, your jaw will drop when you see what some of the featured artists in this video are able to do by folding paper.
There are intricately designed castles and characters, huge art installations and much more to see. We meet several artists, learn about people who make special paper used for origami.
As unlikely as it may seem, you will be WOW’d by the stories, brief history and the art that is created by folding paper. The only disappointment you will likely experience with this documentary is that it is only 56 minutes long.
Some of the artists are learned mathematicians, scientists, M.I.T. professors who explore creativity, art, scientific principles and more through a re-invention of Origami. We learn discoveries made through Origami folding have been used in space, were used in the development of the automobile airbag (thnk about it a moment…)and illustrate genetic protein folds that may be key in figuring out a cure for Alzheimer’s.
A brief history of origami is given and we meet a Japanese practitioner who develop the ‘wet folding’ method that created life like figures and inspired newer artists. We go to a convention where young people are competing to create a dragon folded from just one piece of paper and we learn how things continue to get more complex and intricate. In the early 1980s maybe 80 folds were used to create a figure, but now more than 150 steps can be used on one piece of paper to create remarkable detail.
Among the artists you’ll meet is father-son Computational Origamists and theorists Dr. Erik D. Demaine and Martin L. Demaine, French paper artist Vincent Floderer, Artist and teacher; Miri Golan; Mathematician and Artist, Dr. Tom Hull, Artis: Paul Jackson; and Artists Eric Joisel, Michael LaFosse, Dr. Robert J. Lang and material artist: Christopher K. Palmer.
Between the Folds is a unique, remarkable documentary written and directed by Vanessa Gould that originally aired on PBS’ Independent Lens . You’ll find it fascinating, eye-opening and wish it was at least 30 minutes longer. Don’t miss it.

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