Origami Starscream by Bertrand Pautremat. Transformers-Decepticon

origami transformer

The toy-maker Hasbro has released an origami press ad that allows readers to create a character from the children’s programme Transformers. DDB Paris, which created the ad, hired the origamist Bertrand le Pautremat to design a pattern to make a set of stylish instructions that allow readers to turn the print ad into a plane, then a Transformers-like toy. The ad can really be transformed into a fighter and into Starscream the henchman to the leader of the Decepticons
The famous robots Transformers were invented at the very beginning of the eighties.
Objects of comic portfolios, of cartoons, Hollywood blockbusters which set the benevolent Autobots against the malevolent Decepticons sold all around the world in the form of figurines, obviously convertible, intended for the children as for the nostalgic adults.

It was quite logical that DDB Paris imagined an ad which resumes literally the principle of these metallic characters : the transformation.
Just like a real Transformer toy, the ad adds some backstory to the paper toy. Descriptions of the robot and its abilities are provided to further spark imagination. Statistics such as intelligence and force are also shown.
French paper artist Bertrand Le Pautremat , whose creations are known for their unique transparency, teamed up with toy company Hasbro for an advertisement that brings a little bit of zen to its Transformers line, which is forever linked to Michael Bay’s boobtacular adaptation .
The ad is a clever and fun way to reintroduce a classic toy line to those who have an eye for design. If you’re feeling adventurous, print this bad boy out and test your crafty paper prowess.

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