The Art Of Moneygami – Origami With Bills


Moneygami: Origami with Money. Hasegawa Yosuke uses currency notes as the base material to make creative Origami art.
Origami is the art of folding paper in imaginative and creative ways. The art form emerged from Japan in the 17th century AD; the word Origami is the Japanese word for ‘folding paper’.
Moneygami is origami made from currency; the subtle genius lies in the way the artist incorporates the prints on the dollar bills into the facial characteristics of the finished figures.
The artist Hasegawa Yosuke takes the art one step further and creates designs from global currency notes. He uses the face of the famous dignitaries as the base on which he folds the remaining paper masterfully. Each Origami structure tries to reflect the culture of the country it belongs to. Yosuke has a full website dedicated to his art called Moneygami and an iPhone app where users can view instructional videos of making their own Moneygami creations. It seems like he’s found ways to make money of his currency creations.

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