The Icebook. Origami Animation Video

“The IceBook” is the story of a princess who lures a boy into the forest in order to warm her heart of ice.
Paper, light and shadows are combined to form a theater production called ‘The Icebook,’ which takes audiences through fantastical visual stories.
Intricate paper cutouts are used to construct the scenes in these videos. Though already beautiful, these cutouts take on a new quality when the projectors are turned on and the paper pieces cast shadows. The entire production is made to look like a pop-up book that interactively tells its story. The show is life-sized and has gone as far as including real actors as well.
Daviy and Kristin McGuire are the artists behind ‘The Icebook’ and have served a number of clients including Microsoft, BBC and Cirquie du Soleil. The duo has undoubtedly introduced a new age of animated theater and has set the bar high for creative stage performances.
Davy McGuire is a director of film, theater and video art. He creates productions for stage, screen and exhibition spaces that blend elements of film, animation, theatre, puppetry, installation art and good old-fashioned illusions. His latest piece, created with choreographer and dancer wife Kristin, uses light projection on a series of small paper cut out pop-ups combined with film projection and animation for a hauntingly beautiful effect.

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