How to Make an Origami Owl by Stephen Weiss

Origami Owl by Stephen Weiss

Owls have always held a certain charm for us – they’re creatures of the night and fierce, unwavering predators, but at the same time they’re quite fluffy and chubby. If you’re a fan of owls, check out this origami folding tutorial to learn how to fold an intermediate origami owl by Stephen Weiss
How to make origami owl instructions. This video tutorial will show you how to fold the traditional origami owl. by Stephen Weiss
This particular model of the owl is relatively easy to fold and can be categorized in the lower intermediate category. One point to be noted here is that the folds you make should be crisp and firm. This model also makes use of the “pivot fold” which is something I have rarely come across.
Diagrams at the origami book – Origami Zoo: An Amazing Collection of Folded Paper Animals
Video Tutorial Autor; Mary Michaelis (Marigami)
All the steps are clearly depicted along with areas / folds you need to watch out for. The best paper to use for this model is a brown shade of origami paper, square shaped and approx 6” to 9” in size. Ideally, it should be single – side colored paper, so that your final model will have the ‘back’, head and tail of the owl in brown and the ‘chest’ of the owl in white. Even if you do have duo colored paper of brown and yellow (or something very similar to the color of an owl) you can use such a kind to fold this model.
You need to start off with the light shade or the white color side of the paper facing you.
Difficulty: Medium Start with a square piece of origami paper.

The origami owl is a gorgeous piece of paper sculpture. If I did a better job at it, you’ll be able to tell. However, you can just see how awesome it can really be if all the cuts and creases were done perfectly. This origami owl is not hard to make at all. Folding the wings were a little awkward, but really cool when you see them take shape. The owl is really fun to fold and cool to look at. Try it yourself.

How to Make an Origami Owl by Stephen Weiss

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