Eagle – Paper Airplanes

Eagle - Paper Airplanes
Eagle. The Eagle belongs to the category Hunters and are designed to be thrown with a lot of strength. They fly fast and can fly for a long distance and that could help you release the inner child in you.

The Eagle Paper Airplane is a complex looking jet is based on a new folding strategy and when complete, reminds of one of the F-4E Phantom II.

INSTRUCTION : Start with a medium to heavy weight sheet of letter size paper. Fold down the upper right corner so the upper right points hits the lower left point. See the detailed folding instructions and click on the “next buttoon” below to see the step by step video and follow along with the folds.

THE THROW: Extend the fore and aft wing tips. These act as vertical stabilizers and may be adjusted separately to control the flight of the plane. It is best if they are perpendicualr to the wing surfaces. With the addition of a paper clip on the nose this plane can be thrown rather hard. Try a level throw with a flick of the wrist. A hard sidearm throw produces an acrobatic flight.

Based on a design by Alain Georgeot
Difficulty: Moderate
Paper Size: Letter

Paper FoldingEagle How to fold, How to fly

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