Good Paper Airplane – The Blackbird


The Blackbird plane is a simple and good to fold paper airplane. It uses basic folding techniques employed throughout the rest of this origami-blog. To be successful, follow the steps shown on the video carefully and precisely. The most important element is to pull up the nose of the plane, and carefully press and align the back, as shown in the video and images. Also, make sure both sides are folded evenly on every fold throughout the plane assembly.

Flying tips for paper airplanes
l) Fold paper evenly. A firm sturdy shape flies best.
2) Fold the tail fin straight up.
3) Use pressure when folding to ensure crisp points.
4) Throw straight.
5) If plane loops, add weight (e.g., a paperclip) to the nose.
6) To climb, trim the elevators up. To dive, trim the elevators down.
7) For stunts, trim one aileron down and the other up. This will make the plane spin and
roll as it flies.
8) Trim rudders to the right for right turns and to the left for left turns.

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Paper Airplane -  The BlackbirdGlossary
Aileron (or flap) – the hinged, movable trailing edge of a wing used to alter camber, and
therefore lift and drag, especially during landing.
Crease – the result of a fold
Elevator – a horigontal control surface at the trailing edge of the plane that can be bent
up or down to control or cause climbing or diving.
Fin – the upright part of the tail.
Fuselage – the body of the airplane.
Rudder – a vertical control surface at the trailing edge of the plane that can be moved to
initiate a right or left turn.
Stabiliger – the fixed horiyontal part at the tail of the plane.
Trim – fold or bend to control turning, climbing or diving.

Good Paper/Origami Airplane – The Blackbird

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