Origami Super Plane by Tavin


In this video tutorial, you will to lear how to fold the Origami Super Plane by Tavin. This plane is a Variation of the paper airplane “Ready to Land” by Didier Boursin. This paper airplane is original comtemporary creations spring from the four corners of the world. This plane flies smoothly without slipping to the ground. Althought it resemble the Classic Dart, it has a nose reinforced y several layers of paper; which allows it to fly a graet distance.
Complexity: Easy – For Beginners
Paper used: a square sheet of paper (copypaper) of 20xcm x20cm
Time to fold 4 minutes.
How to fold:
1) (Time 0:00-0:36): Crease the vertical midline of a square sheet of paper, then mountan fold the top edge horizontally to middle
2) (Time 0:36-1:40 ):Crease them to the center, then unfold.
3) (Time 1:40-1.49): Adjust creasses as indicated, then flatten the fold (modified water-bomb base)
4) (Time 1:49-2:26): Bring each side side up (square fold). Montain fold the points unther the firs layer
5) (Time 2:26-3:10): Fold the sides to the center
6) (Time 3:10-3:28): Mountan fold
7) (Time 3:28-3:44): Adjust the wings. To launch the plane hold where shown

Diagram: “Ready to Land” by Didier Boursin
Ready to Land

Origami Super Plane by Tavin

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