Fearless Outdoor Flying

The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor flying is the weather.

Obviously rain and darkness are enemies of the outdoor paper airplane pilot.

But wind can be a good friend.

It can carry your plane a long distance and keep it in the air for a long time.

If you want your plane to fly a long distance, stand with the wind blowing on your back and gently throw your plane forward (in the direction the wind is blowing).

Like a real airplane pilot, you’ll be taking advantage of tailwinds to fly your plane a long way with-out using much energy.

To take advantage of headwinds, throw your plane directly into the wind (so the wind is blowing in your face).

Throwing into the wind is like getting a really fast throw for free.
Fearless Outdoor Flying
The extra air speed over the wings (extra lift) makes the plane climb high.

Your plane will stay in the air for a long time but won’t fly very far because the wind will be against it.

Special air currents called thermals can also help paper airplanes soar high in the sky for a long time.

Thermals are channels of warm rising air, and if your paper airplane flies into one, it will fly skyward with the rising air.

Thermals are mostly found on sunny days over open dry ground.

Blacktop parking lots are good places to find thermals, because as the pavement heats up, it creates thermals.

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