Lift In Action – Paper Airplane

Aerodynamics is had to understand, even if you are a pilot or have studied the subject for years.

To help make it dearer, hare is en activity that will show lift in action.

Take a regular shoot of paper and find a room big enough for you to spin around and around.

Stand in on open space and hold your arms straight out with one hand en top of the paper and the other on the bottom.

Your thumbs should be pointed in the direction you want to spin.

For example, if you want to spin toward the right, your left hand should be on top and your right hand on the bottom.

Point your thumbs slightly toward the ceiling.

Start spinning.

After you’ve gotten going, remove the hand that is under the paper.

The paper will not fall to the ground! The lift from the air rushing ever the paper keeps it in place.

If you stop spinning, the paper will fall to the floor.

The faster you spin, the more lift you create.

To see how on angle affects lift, after you have removed your hand from under the paper, slowly point the thumb of your other hand about halfway up toward the ceiling.

When you lower your thumb, you can fool the lift decreases.

If you lower it for enough, eventually the paper will drop to the floor.

Airplane forces

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