Trimming And Flying

Trimming And Flying

For FOLD AND FLY paper aircraft, the gap between theory and application is this one.

Two things make a successful paper airplane: proper nose weight and correct trim.

Since my designs are already well balanced, let is talk about trimming.

There are two kinds of common problems.

The SPLAT (Special parameters lacking attention on takeoff) throw and the OOPS (Obvious Operational problem syndrome) toss.

Trimming and Flying  01
Here is a SPLAT throw. This particular problem can be solved by making an up elevator adjustment since the throw was nose dive. Take a look al the following diagrams.

You can correct for almost any variation of a SPLAT throw using these techniques.

One more idea about trimming: high aspect ratio wings (wings with a greater span than length) are more sensitive to adjustment than lower aspect ratio wings.

paper airplane 02

A dart-shaped plane will take more up elevator to correct a nose dive than a broad-wing glider.

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