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What A Drag
Drag is a force that slows things down.

Try this next actuality se you can actuality fool drag.

Take a regular sheet of paper and find a room that has on open space big enough for you to spin around and around.

Stand in the center and hold your arms straight out, clasping the piece of paper vertically between your two hands.

Your thumbs should be pointed straight up toward the ceiling.

Start spinning.

After you’ve gotten going, remove the hand in front from the paper.

The force pushing the paper against your other hand is drag.

As you spin faster, the drag increases and the paper is pushed harder against your hand.

Your spinning provides the thrust to keep the paper moving.

When you stop spinning (stop providing thrust), the drag quickly brings the paper to a stop, and it drops to the ground.


Like real gliders, this paper airplane has long, skinny wings.

Real gliders, which are airplanes without engines, use such wings because these reduce drag and offer better performance.

These aircraft are towed into the sky by a plane with an engine, then take advantage of air currents to stay aloft for hours.

Your glider is also capable of long floating flights.

NOTE: Because the Glider doesn’t have a body to grasp, it requires a different throw.

Hold the plane with the folded edge facing forward, your pointer finger on top, and your thumb and middle finger below Gently push the plane forward.


What’s Paper Got To Do With?

Now that you have a flying plane, you can use it to see the roles that paper plays in its construction.

After the kinetic energy (that is, the energy you put into it by throwing it) of the initial throw has dissipated, paper planes are gliders powered by gravity.

As the plane falls, its wings deflect air backward and down, providing thrust and lift.

Paper makes a good wing because it’s impermeable to air: In a single sheet of paper, multiple layers of interlocked fibers prevent air from flowing through.

In contrast, a hole-filled screen from a back door would not make a very good wing.

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